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ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Array) test


The creation of a new life is bound by a sttestrict timeline. The time period in which the uterine lining (endometrium) can allow successful implantation of an embryo is very limited. Therefore, the objective of an artificial insemination procedure is to implant the embryos developed in-vitro at the ideal implantation time. The ERA test helps to precisely determine the so-called window of implantation (WOI): the “receptivity” can be determined through genetic screening of the uterine lining. The ERA test is also offered at the Dr. Loimer Fertility Clinic in Wels. Our fertility experts will be glad to provide personal consultation in order to determine whether the procedure is recommended in the case of your individual diagnosis. 

ERA test: genetic test of the endometrium

The development of the uterine lining is, for the most part, regulated by hormones throughout the menstrual cycle. The exact time at which the uterine lining is ready for implantation of the fertilised egg varies from woman to woman. The ERA procedure examines a group of 238 genes in the uterine lining. The condition of these genes provides information on the receptivity of the lining on the day of the test. In this way, it can be determined precisely on which day of the menstrual cycle the uterine lining will be ready for implantation or nidation.

How is the ERA test performed at the Dr. Loimer Fertility Clinic?

1. Hormone analysis

In the case of a natural menstrual cycle, the ERA test is conducted seven days after the onset of the luteinising hormone (LH) in the woman’s menstrual cycle. Alternatively, the menstrual cycle can be artificially regulated through targeted hormonal treatment (HRT cycle with oestrogen and progesterone administration). The biopsy is performed six days after starting the progesterone administration.

2. Biopsy

Small tissue samples from the uterus are taken by inserting a plastic catheter through the vagina. The procedure is quick and largely painless.

3. Genetic testing

Immediately after the biopsy, the tissue sample is sent to a specialised laboratory in Spain for genetic testing. If the genetic test reveals that the tissue is receptive on the day of the biopsy, a personalised embryo transfer (pET) can be planned for the next menstrual cycle. The embryo transfer can be scheduled for the proper date depending on the result. 

In which cases is the ERA test useful?

The ERA test is not a routine examination. The biopsy and the genetic testing in a special laboratory involve effort in terms of time and costs. Therefore, our doctors at the Dr. Loimer Fertility Clinic recommend the ERA test mainly for women who have had repeated unsuccessful embryo transfers despite good embryos and normal uterine lining. We’re always glad to advise you personally on the details of the ERA procedure and the chances of success in your specific case. Please feel free to contact our clinic team at any time.

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