Our patients

At VivaNeo we do our best every day to support couples on their journey to having their own child. Our patients are very diverse and differ in many ways – they have different medical backgrounds, their own ways of life and individual goals. And yet they all have something in common as well: the desire for their own child and when this desire is fulfilled, the overwhelming joy. 



Our patients

Competent & empathetic doctor

We were being treated between 2008 and 2009. I have the most severe degree of endomethriosis. After a very intensive consultation after having changed clinics, it quickly became clear that a laparoscopy is necessary to assess the exact degree of endometriosis. After the surgery, the first attempt took place a few months later, which did not work out. Then, we calmed down, and 5 months later, it worked. Today our daughter is almost 6. Thank you!!!

Review from 22.06.2016, Dr. Sydow, Berlin

Our patients

Very friendly doctor. We came across Dr. Geiss for fertility treatment. From the very beginning we felt very comfortable and in good hands. She was very empathetic and kind to us and our problem. I find it almost a little sad that the care by Dr. Geiss will probably end soon, because I am now pregnant :)

Review from 10.04.2016, Dr. Geiß, Berlin

Our patients

Very competent and friendly doctor

The doctor took a lot of time and always made sure that really all questions could be asked. During the treatment he deviated slightly from the usual treatment, explained exactly why and did exactly the right thing.

Review from 06.06.2018, Dr. Sydow, Berlin

Our patients

Competent doctor who gets to the point quickly

All in all, I have had a friendly, competent and quick treatment experience. Both the doctor and his entire team have always treated me very friendly and supported me. I felt very comfortable here. The additional acupuncture is also highly recommended!

Review from 23.08.2017, Dr. Sydow, Berlin

Our patients

Super friendly and sensitive doctor

A sensitive doctor, who treats a patient absolutely individually! Thanks a million for the great care and the baby in my stomach!!

Review from 23.03.2018, Prof. Dr. Seufert, Wiesbaden

Our patients

very competent and personable

very competent and personable. I was advised extensively and on all questions

Review from 11.03.2018, Dr. Seufert, Wiesbaden

Our patients

All in all - we are glad to have met Dr. Amrani :-)

It was our first ICSI treatment with immediate success! We were treated very nicely and friendly. Dr. Amrani is very reassuring, which is also very important in such a situation. With his calm manner, he removes fear. Questions are answered objectively and comprehensibly. He knows how strenuous the treatment is and is very sensitive and careful. We had tested positive with Dr. Amrani directly at the first ICSI attempt. Our ultrasound appointment is in 2 weeks and we are soooo very happy! We are so grateful! 

If it would not have worked on the first attempt, our second attempt would have been with him :-) now we hope that our luck remains. Hopefully we will strive for the next pregnancy with him again.

Review from 23.10.2017, Dr. Amrani, Wiesbaden

Our patients

very competent doctor: professional as well as personable & ultimately successful

When we were transferred to the KiWu clinic we had many questions, hopes and - as it turned out afterwards - unfounded fears. The entrance and waiting area as well as the treatment rooms are really inviting. Mr. Marx took his time and always knew how to illustrate things with humour and the necessary seriousness and to establish trust. Also worth mentioning is the great team around Mr. Marx, which we perceived as very committed and emphatic towards patients. The treatment was surprisingly pleasant and successful in the end.

Review from 18.08.2015, Dr. Marx, Düsseldorf

Our patients

Friendly and competent doctor

I was only in treatment for a short time because I got pregnant quickly. But I felt very comfortable. Dr. Bergmann is very friendly and understanding. She took a lot of time to explain all treatment options and steps.

Review from 30.05.2018, Dr. Bergmann-Hensel, Berlin

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