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Our philosophy

The VivaNeo group has a clear objective: we want to accompany couples struggling to conceive on their journey to welcoming their own child into the world. And we don’t rely on just the expertise of one or two doctors – we tap into the knowledge and experience of numerous specialist physicians in a pan-European network of medical expertise. This network allows us to achieve our objective with the latest methods in reproductive medicine and state-of-the-art medical technology. In addition to the technical aspect, the personal side of fertility treatment is also of cardinal importance at VivaNeo. We endeavour to create an atmosphere of trust and support. To this end, we adapt our treatment to your personal situation and history, and the resulting individually adapted treatment plans increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.

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Our experts

When you choose to receive fertility treatment at a VivaNeo fertility centre, you choose 70 doctors, 400 expert employees and a combined 800 years of experience .

All the specialist physicians of the VivaNeo fertility clinics are networked with each other. Regular contact among them means that they have the benefit of each other’s specifications and experience. Moreover, our experts are conscientious about pursuing advanced training on an ongoing basis and sharing this knowledge with their colleagues. This means that they also often engage in their own research, which leads to new findings in reproductive medicine. Our specialist physicians have thus already achieved renown far beyond the borders of VivaNeo.

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Our patients

Our patients’ histories are the focus of every fertility treatment. This is the only way we can carry out a comprehensive diagnosis and recommend appropriate treatment methods. Each successful treatment is further confirmation of our philosophy and our approach. 

Each new life that is created with our support fills us with immense pleasure – and we would like to share this with you. 

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