Embryoscopy (Time Lapse)

The embryoscope allows us to keep egg cells/embryos incubated from the moment of fertilisation until the moment they are transferred into the uterus. The incubator maintains a perfectly stable environment by constantly monitoring temperature and pH, as well as the purity of the gas mixture used. 

There is no longer any need to remove the embryo from the incubator in order to check progress. This means that the embryo no longer needs to be exposed to fluctuating environmental conditions. 

An integrated microscope that is fitted with a special type of camera allows the egg cells/embryos to be constantly monitored throughout the period of incubation.

This allows cell development to be closely monitored, and provides the specialist with more objective selection criteria when it comes to selecting embryos for transfer. 

Currently, only 3 centres in Germany offer this high-tech method - with immediate effect, we now offer the Embryoscope method to all our patients. 

For further information on the uses of this technology please speak to the physician in charge of your care.