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Our events in Berlin

For everybody who is interested, we offer an information evening at our practice every month. Here you will meet two of our fertility experts (a biologist and a physician), who will give you a brief overview of our diagnostic and treatment options. You then have the opportunity to visit all the areas of the practice (including the sperm and egg laboratories) and ask questions.

It should be noted that information evenings are currently only held in German and therefore non-German speakers should fill out a contact form for more information.

Registrations are not required – just join us at the next information evening!

27.02.2020Thursday, 6:00 pm

26.03.2020Thursday, 6:00 pm

23.04.2020Thursday, 6:00 pm

28.05.2020Thursday, 6:00 pm

25.06.2020Thursday, 6:00 pm

23.07.2020Thursday, 6:00 pm

27.08.2020Thursday, 6:00 pm

24.09.2020Thursday, 6:00 pm

22.10.2020Thursday, 6:00 pm

26.11.2020Thursday, 6:00 pm