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Advice for lesbian couples and singles in Germany who wish to have children

All German VivaNeo fertility centres advise lesbian couples and singles on their desire to have children. We will be glad to inform you of the options available and the services that we offer, as well as provide you with an overview of the legal landscape. In addition, you are most welcome to attend an introductory meeting, where we go through important questions with you concerning the child you wish to have. In addition, our team at VivaNeo Practice Clinic Sydow in Berlin offers you various treatment options.

VivaNeo supports you in fulfilling your dream

We want to support you in creating you own family. However, the legal frameworks in Germany concerning lesbian couples and singles who wish to have children are rather strict in comparison to some countries. The German Medical Association has introduced a guideline that restricts the use of artificial insemination exclusively to married heterosexual couples. Given that sperm banks are only permitted to supply doctors, women are not able to inseminate themselves independently using the sperm donated to these sperm banks.

Your desire to have children is of special concern to us

The German Medical Association's formal policy makes it extraordinarily difficult for practitioners of reproductive medicine to provide lesbian couples or singles with fertility treatment. Failing to observe the legally non-binding guidelines can lead to professional sanctions. However, according to the relevant State Medical Associations, there is nothing to stop lesbian couples and singles being treated in Berlin and Hamburg. Given that your wish to have children is of special concern to us, in our VivaNeo Practice Clinic Sydow in Berlin we therefore use this opportunity to assist lesbian couples and singles with achieving the joy that a baby brings.

VivaNeo is your reliable partner on every question surrounding the wish to have children

In addition, VivaNeo runs fertility centres in Denmark, the Netherlands and Austria – where the legal environment is more liberal than in Germany. We are therefore able to support singles and homosexual couples in our Danish and Dutch centres, as well as homosexual couples in our Austrian centre, every step of the way towards giving birth to their child. Make an appointment at one of our VivaNeo fertility centres – we will be glad to advise you on your treatment options.

German VivaNeo fertility centres do not offer guidance, treatment or any other accompanying or preparative services relating to the donation of egg cells. In Germany, egg cell donation and associated services are criminal offences under paragraph 1 sections 1 ESchG. If you have sought advice in a German VivaNeo centre, then our centres in Denmark, the Netherlands and Austria are not permitted to offer you any treatment involving donated egg cells.

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