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Privacy Statement MCK Fertility Center

The MCK Fertility Center processes your personal data within our specialized care, with our professional guidance, in order to help us in aiding our clients’ desire to have children. The MCK Fertility Center feels it is of utmost importance to treat your personal data with the necessary care, guaranteeing your privacy rights.

In this privacy statement, you can find the MCK Fertility Center’s approach to personal data, which rights you have and who to contact for further information.

We do our utmost best to store your personal data carefully and protect your privacy, so that your data can only be viewed by those who are properly authorized. Your healthcare provider within the MCK Fertility Center (and possibly other healthcare providers involved in your treatment) has access to that information contained in your file which is necessary to facilitate optimal treatment. All nurses and physicians have a legally binding obligation of secrecy (professional secrecy).

1. What is personal data?

Personal data is data with the potential to identify you. Examples of this are your name, address, date of birth, username or IP address. Medical data, too, is considered personal data.

2. Which personal data does the MCK Fertility Center process?

Depending on your medical needs and the kind of treatment you are undergoing at our facility, the MCK Fertility Center may process the following data: your name, address, zip code, city of residence, email address, phone number, sex, date of birth, username and password, usage logs, IP address and nationality, social security number as well as data concerning your sexual behaviors or sexual identity and data regarding your health.

3. Purposes

- To facilitate medical treatments

The personal data the MCK Fertility Center processes is meant primarily to facilitate the treatment for which you approached the MCK Fertility center. In other words, the MCK Fertility Center processes that personal data which is necessary for us to offer you the desired treatment and medical care related to that treatment.

- To inform healthcare providers within or outside the MCK Fertility Center (general practitioner, referrers)

We use the information contained in your file to inform other healthcare providers within or outside the MCK Fertility Center (general practitioner, referrers). If this is objectionable to you, you must provide an explicit written objection.

- To improve the quality of the care we provide

We also use your personal data for internal meetings aimed at quality improvement and to inform you personally on process related issues in order to improve your client experience.

Periodically we will send you surveys to measure your appreciation of our services. The answers you give will be used to improve the quality of our services. We use an external third party to conduct our yearly client satisfaction survey. We agreed a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with this external third party and the data you provide during this survey will only be used for that purpose.

- For financial administration

Your personal data will be linked to a so-called DOT registration (regulated units of medical care as demanded by your medical insurance provider). This allows us to declare treatments to your medical insurance provider.

If your treatment will not be covered by your insurance provider, we will use this data to be able to invoice you for the medical care provided.

We also use your data to check medical declarations from third parties, who have provided services at our request (medication, blood tests).

- To allow us to contact you

The MCK Fertility Center processes personal data in order to be able to contact you if you send us a letter, have e-mailed us with a question, contacted us through our website or to contact you telephonically.

4. Principles for gathering personal data

The MCK Fertility Center will only process your personal data for the purposes outlined above. If the MCK Fertility Center desires to process your data with another purpose, we will explicitly ask for permission and only process that data if you have given permission for it. If this is the case, your treating nurse of physician will inform you clearly regarding this.

That permission is not necessary if the data is used anonymously. This may be the case when using several registrations that are necessary for us to measure quality, compare test results and be held accountable to insurance providers and the government. It is not possible to trace back any of the data used in this case to any person: it is anonymous.

The MCK Fertility Center understands the importance of not gathering unnecessary or too many personal details. Due to this, we’ll only ask for that information which is necessary to facilitate your medical treatment at the MCK Fertility Center and answer your questions.

5. Where will your data be stored?

Your data will be stored in a scheduling and invoicing system, as well as in an electronic patient dossier in order to facilitate high quality medical treatments; this is a legal obligation. In the electronic patient dossier, the most pertinent information regarding your health as well as data regarding treatments and examinations you’ve undergone will be stored. In addition to this, the electronic patient dossier contains relevant data obtained from your general practitioner and/or data from (previous) treatments and examinations at other locations.

6. Insight into your personal data

You have the right to ask the MCK Fertility Center which of your personal details exactly the MCK Fertility Center processes. To that end, you can submit a request for inspection of this data and request that the MCK Fertility Center send you a copy of the results.

The MCK Fertility Center will then handle your request for inspection as soon as possible and respond in writing four weeks later at the latest.

When you submit such a request to the MCK Fertility Center, we will ask you to provide some personal details in order to verify that you are the person whose information you are requesting.

In response to your request, the MCK Fertility Center will inform you:

  • Whether the MCK Fertility Center is using your personal data, and if yes:
  • which data that is;
  • the purposes of the use of that data;
  • with whom the MCK Fertility Center might share your information;
  • from whence the information came, if known.

If you are not present in the MCK Fertility Center’s files, the MCK Fertility Center will inform you of this in writing and immediately delete all personal data you provided to us through the request form.

You can address your request for inspection to:

Medisch Centrum Kinderwens Leiderdorp
Simon Smitweg 16
2353 GA Leiderdorp

7. Amendments, restrictions and deletion

You can ask the MCK Fertility Center to amend your personal details. For example, if you would prefer to receive mail or another (digital) type of correspondence from the MCK Fertility Center at another address, you can request an amendment of this data. Has your surname changed? You can request an amendment of that too.

In addition to this, you can request that the MCK Fertility Center change your data if it turns out the be incorrect or incomplete. The MCK Fertility Center will immediately amend your data.

If it is unclear whether your data is allowed to be used further in the activities of the MCK Fertility Center or if your data is incomplete, you can request that the MCK Fertility Center restrict its usage of your data during that time. For example, if you no longer wish to be registered as a donor.

You can request an amendment or deletion of your data by contacting our administrative office and indicating that you intend for your data to be amended or deleted:

Send us a message

After submitting your request, you will receive a confirmation that the MCK Fertility Center is handling your request, and the steps the MCK Fertility Center will take.

8. Transferring your data

You can ask the MCK Fertility Center to transfer your personal data to another healthcare provider. The MCK Fertility Center will then contact this healthcare provider and send your medical dossier to your new healthcare provider./p>

9. Objection

If you do this, the MCK Fertility Center will not process any of your personal data, at least until there is a verdict on your objection.

You can submit an objection by sending a letter to the abovementioned address (also available under header 16), addressed to the “Functionaris Gegevensbescherming van MC Kinderwens” (data protection official of the MCK Fertility Center).

10. Keeping your data

The MCK Fertility Center won’t keep your data longer than necessary. This means that your data will only be kept for the duration necessary for us to provide the medical care you need.

In addition to this, the MCK Fertility Center has determined a set timeline for how long different kinds of data can be stored by us. After this set period of time, the data will be deleted.

In principle, your medical data will not be stored longer than legally obliged. Only in exceedingly exceptional cases is it allowed to store your data for longer than that.

The MCK Fertility Center is also bound to a number of legislative retention periods regarding your data. These retention periods applying to the MCK Fertility Center may be derived from fiscal or other legislation. Your personal data will be deleted after these retention periods are over.

11. Complaints and requests

In addition to exercising your legal rights as mentioned above, you can submit a complaint or request for further information to the MCK Fertility Center’s Data Protection Official at any time if you have a complaint regarding the way your personal data has been handled or questions regarding either this privacy statement or the way the MCK Fertility Center handles your personal data.

You also have the right to submit a complaint to the Personal Data Authority. More information on this can be found at the Authority’s website.

12. Data leaks

The MCK Fertility Center employs an active approach to perceiving and following up on possible data leaks and other security incidents.

As part of our information security policy, we adhere to a protocol that allows us to quickly follow up on signals of possible data leaks and other security incidents. Our starting points for this are that the security and protection of personal data is guaranteed as much as possible, and that those involved will be notified in a timely manner.

Naturally, the MCK Fertility Center does everything in its power to prevent data leaks and other security incidents and has taken the appropriate technological and organizational measures to facilitate this.

13. Security

As part of these appropriate technological and organizational measures, the MCK Fertility Center has formulated principles and policies and agreed upon several levels of protection in order to protect your information and personal data. For example, all MCK Fertility Center systems are designed in such a way that there is always a suitable security level necessary to access information. The starting point here is that processes, systems and possible involved third parties must guarantee the security and integrity of data, including your personal data.

When third parties process personal data for the MCK Fertility Center, the MCK Fertility Center enters so-called processor agreements with these third parties in which the security of your personal data is detailed.

14. Cookies

The MCK Fertility Center uses functional and anonymous cookies to map out the use of the MCK Fertility Center’s website.

A cookie is a small file which is included in the pages of our website and is saved to your computer’s hard drive by your browser.

15. Changes

This privacy statement is subject to change. If the goals of processing your personal data change, the MCK Fertility Center will notify you of this and, if necessary, ask again for your permission to process your personal data. If other parts of this privacy statement change, you will be notified through our website or privately.

16. Contact Us

Medisch Centrum Kinderwens Leiderdorp
Simon Smitweg 16
2353 GA Leiderdorp

Telephone: +31 71 581 23 00
Fax: (071) 581 23 09
E-mail: info[at]mckinderwens.nl

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