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Opening times (by phone)
For questions and to schedule appointments you can reach us from mo-fri 8.00-12.00 and 13.00-15.30 and on saturday 10.00-13.00. On sunday 10.00-13.00 (only for treatments)

Opening hours (appointments)
Mon 7.30-17.00
Tue 7.30-20.30
Wed 7.30-17.00
Thu 7.30-17.00
Fri 7.30-17.00
Sat 8.30-15.00
Sun 8.30-15.00

Schedule an appointment:
☎ +31 (0)71 58 12 300

For emergencies:
☎ +31 (0) 6 25257420

✉ info[at]mckinderwens.nl

Cost and Reimbursement

Costs – how does it work?

Almost all insurance providers will cover the consultation and treatments you’ll receive at the MCK Fertility Center. The care we provide is insured in the same way as hospital care. Almost all of the treatments and other care we provide is covered by a basic insurance package. Ever since January 1st 2007, the first three IVF or ICSI treatments are covered by a basic insurance package. This includes the transfer of any embryos which have been frozen as part of these treatments. Every IVF or ICSI treatment is considered a separate care product by insurance companies. Some insurance companies require a prior authorization in order to reimburse you for your IVF or ICSI treatment; it is your responsibility to contact your insurance company regarding whether this is the case for you or not. The MCK Fertility Center is under contract with almost every insurance provider and will send the bill for your treatments to your insurance provider directly if we are under contract with them. You can ask us whether your insurance provider is under contract with us.

DOT-care products: what are these?

Ever since January 1st 2012, all Dutch hospitals and other medical care facilities are obliged to implement prices for the care we provide according to the so-called DOT-system. This is a system detailing packages of examinations and/or treatments called ‘care products’ which assigns a price to each care product package. For further information regarding this, we refer you to the government’s websites (www.nza.nl and www.dbconderhoud.nl).

Price list

As soon as your treatment or examination starts, a certain care product is opened. In practice, this happens when you have your first appointment with your treating nurse or physician. The care product will be closed and billed to either you or your insurance company when the treatment or examination is finished.

2019 price list
You can find the price list for 2019 by going to this link (en).

2018 price list
You can find the price list for 2018 by going to this link (en).

2017 price list
You can find the price list for 2017 by going to this link (nl).

2016 price list
You can find the price list for 2016 by going to this link (nl).

January 2016 price list
You can find the price list for January of 2016 by going to this link (nl).

2014 and 2015 price list
You can find the price list for 2014 and 2015 by going to this link (nl).

Canceling appointments

If you are unable to attend any scheduled appointment, you must to inform us of this at least 24 hours in advance. A no-show without previously sent word will be billed for €40,-. After all, our fertility center will have lost an appointment slot. This is the ‘no show’ rate as decreed by the government.