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Examinations and treatments: cost and process

What is the cost for each treatment and what is the treatment path? Answers to frequently asked questions

If they still fail to conceive even after trying to several times, many couples decide to pursue a fertility treatment. This often involves no end of questions. Some of these relate to the emotional side of things, while others focus on the practical matters, such as the course of such treatments, or the cost. On the MCK Fertility Center’s website, you’ll find answers to many of these questions about treatments and the way things work at our Fertility Center. Below, you’ll find information regarding the course of treatment, cost of treatment and reimbursement by your insurer.

How much does a fertility treatment cost?

Finding out that you must depend on a fertility treatment to help you fulfill your desire to have children will often cause an emotional response. It’s only natural that during this, the question of money tends to fade into the background. The care you’ll receive at the MCK Fertility Center is covered by just about every insurance company and will be reimbursed by them in the same way as regular hospital care. Almost all of the treatments we offer are covered by your basis insurance package.

Using medication during fertility treatments

Many treatments use medications to increase the chances of achieving a successful pregnancy. Usually, these medications are hormonal in nature. For example, your menstruation cycle may be regulated prior to treatment using regular birth control medication, followed by follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and human choriongonadotropin (hCG).