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Things worth knowing

Information about your fertility treatment at Medisch Centrum Kinderwens

The decision to start a fertility treatment usually is not taken lightly and for most couples it give new hope. We provide you with comprehensive information so that you can prepare for the treatment in our clinic. A fertility treatment is about much more than just a diagnosis and a treatment plan. At Medisch Centrum Kinderwens we offer you a complete treatment and we help you with all questions that arise during the decision for a fertility treatment. Our experienced team of doctors and expert staff supports you with knowledge and will prepare an individual treatment for you.

Method and costs

Fertility treatment often raises many questions. Some questions are about, others have a more organizational character. On our website you will find extensive information about the different steps in the treatment and what to expect.

The question about the costs of a fertility treatment also keeps many couples busy. It is best to obtain information from your own health insurance yourself. They can tell you exactly how much your health insurance reimburses for your fertility treatment.

More information

Factors influencing pregnancy rate

If you don’t have a healthy lifestyle, your fertility will immediately decrease. In this way the woman's body protects itself against the extra burden of a pregnancy. You can increase the chances of a pregnancy with simple measures. We give you some examples.

  • A normal weight. Over- or underweight disrupts the hormone balance.
  • A healthy and balanced diet provides the body with all the necessary nutrients.
  • Sufficient relaxation balances the body and counteracts stress.

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