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Diagnosis and Treatment

Your desire to have a child

The MCK Fertility Center is a specialized fertility clinic, with a unique, professional approach to the treatment of infertility and the medically assisted realization of your desire to have children. We believe in the necessity of paying attention to this in a specialized manner – both medically and personally speaking. Unwanted childlessness can be very hard for aspiring parents if they continually fail to conceive, and seeking medical advice regarding this can affect you both physically and mentally. We offer a full range of examinations and treatments, combined with the consideration of your unique circumstances and challenges.

We’d love to provide you with extensive information regarding the different fertility examinations and treatments we offer, in order to help you develop a clear understanding of the ways in which we may help you maximize your chances of a successful pregnancy.

Conceiving, and causes of an unfulfilled desire to have children

The ability to conceive depends on the fertility of both the man and the woman. This fertility, in turn, depends on a number of factors such as the functioning of the reproductive organs, medical history, lifestyle and the age of the woman. 

The functions of the reproductive organs are regulated by several hormones. In women, these hormones regulate ovulation, and in men, they regulate the production and maturation of sperm cells.

There are many diverse causes that may contribute to your inability to conceive. These causes may be found in the woman, in the man, or in both partners. In addition to hormonal disorders, which may lead to an irregular menstrual cycle or reduced sperm quality, many other causes exist. At the MCK Fertility Center, we can extensively examine you for all of these.

You can read more about human reproduction and the possible causes of infertility by clicking the link below. 

Extensive diagnosis for a suitable treatment plan

Our goal is to provide optimal supervision and support on your path to being able to have children. It is vital to first examine carefully and extensively the cause of your infertility, in order to tailor our treatment to your personal needs.

Your path to a correct diagnosis will begin with an initial consultation with one of our specialist nurses or physicians. Based on this consultation, several examinations will be conducted, such as an ultrasound and/or a sperm examination.

After going through the diagnostic process, when the results are clear, we’ll assemble an individual plan to help you fulfill your desire to have children. In this way, we optimize the chances of the development of a successful pregnancy.

Treatments – tailored to your needs

At our fertility center, we use the results of several fertility examinations to determine the causes of infertility. Using these results, your treating nurse or physician will advise you about a suitable treatment. In addition to this, our entire team will gladly advise you regarding the possibilities and risks associated with every part of your treatment, and we’ll do our best to answer all questions you may have regarding these treatments. 

On this website, you’ll find extensive information regarding the different fertility treatments we offer. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to form an initial impression of the broad range of treatment options we offer at the MCK Fertility Center.