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Counselling and guidance

The unfulfilled desire to have a baby can be a real crisis in the life of a couple and place a real burden on their relationship. After diagnosis and during an IVF-therapy feelings such as fear, sadness, vulnerability, sense of guilt and accusation among the partners can appear. In addition to the emotional struggle couples also may have to carry a financial, physical , organizational and psychicological burden.

Couples state that the most difficult phase of the treatment were the 14 days between the embryo transfer and the pregnancy test. The implantation of an embryo gives the feeling of "being pregnant" and a negative pregnancy test is therefore comparable with a miscarriage and feelings of grief and despair arise, often accompanied by anger and envy. For some couples this is difficult to deal with.

In such hard times psycological help and guidance can be really relieving and supportive. In IVF clinics, psychological counsellors not only provide information about infertility and treatment but help couples to cope with the problems during infertility treatment and to decide for alternative ways like egg donation, treatment with donor sperm or adoption.

Couples who have their treatment covered by the Austrian IVF-Fund, can make use of a free counselling session with our psychotherapist MMag.a Edeltraud Andrej in each IVF treatment cycle.