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Fertility treatment: procedure & costs

How does the process of fertility treatment work, what legal conditions are there, and what does it cost? We are happy to answer all the important questions about fertility treatment in the following sections.

In vitro insemination - your chance

For couples who have been trying to get pregnant for a long time, a fertility treatment is sometimes the only way to fulfill the dream of having a child. Thereby, couples ask themselves numerous questions about medical options or legal framework conditions, along with ethical and financial questions. Besides those matters, questions about the organization and timing of the fertility treatment are also prominent concerns.

More information about the procedure and costs of a fertility treatment

Our many years of experience mean we understand the big questions on your minds. Therefore, we offer you in the following, a selection of important questions and answers about fertility treatment. You can also find further answers on our FAQ page.

IUI, IVF or ICSI treatment: the process of your therapy

In our VivaNeo fertility center, the first priority before every treatment is to get to know each other properly. It is our goal to understand your personal circumstances and to adapt to your personal desires since every situation is individual and different. Consequently, we focus on extensive diagnostics at the outset of each treatment. With the help of these results we commit ourselves to improving your situation. In the following we have explained the detailed process of the therapy for you.

Process of your therapy

Psychological & psychotherapeutic counseling and support on your journey

An unfulfilled desire to have a child is an enormous endurance test for many couples. Being unable to naturally conceive a child can feel like a very difficult life crisis, whereby they often suffer from feelings of guilt and helplessness. Our highly professional team at the fertility center Klagenfurt supports you in this difficult situation by offering you psychological as well as psychotherapeutic counseling.

Psychological & psychotherapeutic counseling



Our first meeting

The first meeting is of great importance not only for the couple but also for us, as your doctor will give you both a medical understanding of your individual circumstances, and also the opportunity to ask all your pending issues. Hereby a mutual trust base between you and our team will be developed, which consequently has a positive effect on the course of your fertility treatment. You will learn more about the course of the first meeting in our article "Our first meeting".

Our first meeting



Fertility Treatment: the use of medication

A fertility treatment always depends on the support of specific medication since they increase the chance of conceiving a baby. In the following article you will find more information about different medications.

Medication overview

Legal conditions of fertility treatments in Austria

Whether the costs of your fertility treatment will be taken on, depends on the legal framework. Please contact your health insurance company to find out which conditions apply to your specific case and how your responsible health insurance rates your personal circumstances. We are pleased to provide you with an overview of the existing legal frameworks for fertility treatments in Austria.

Legal framework

Procedure in the laboratory

What are the individual processes in the lab and what happens there? Find out more in the below article "Procedure in the laboratory".

Procedure in the laboratory