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Egg donation

Since 2015 egg donation is legal in Austria!

Egg donation is the possibility to get pregnant for women who suffer from premature menopause or premature ovarian failure caused by chemotherapy or genetic deseases. The amendment of the Austrian Law Regulating Reproductive Medicine states that, at the beginning of therapy, the oocyte donor must not exceed the age of 30 and the recipient the age of 45.

Treatment process

Before starting treatment a detailed discussion is held with the couple to decide if egg donation is the right therapy for them. The donor is chosen based on characteristics like hair, skin and eye colour, as well as blood type and has then to undergo a detailed physical and genetic examination. After hormonal stimulation the oocytes are removed from the donor's body, fertilized with the male partner's sperm cells and the embryos are implanted in the female partner's uterus. 

Egg donation is anonimous. The recipient couple doesn't get any information about the donor, but a child born after egg donation has the right to get the donor's personal data, when completed their 14th year of age. 

The costs for treatment are around EUR 7.700,-- per therapy cycle.