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Causes of infertility

Involuntary childlessness can be the result of any number of reasons, which our fertility clinic will help you understand and overcome. Our treatments represent the most advanced in medical knowledge. We have helped childless couples since 1990. Building a personal relationship with our clients that is based on trust has always been our hallmark.

First, we will determine the possible causes of infertility. After an extensive examination, we are then able to reach a diagnosis, which will give the basis for subsequent treatments.

The causes of infertility can be various and involve one or both partners. On the one hand, infertility indicates the inability to sustain a pregnancy. On the other, infertility can be equated with sterility, which means that a woman cannot conceive or a man cannot sire a pregnancy.

After analysing possible causes, we will use modern treatment methods to help fulfil your wish to have children. These range from hormone treatment to artificial insemination.

We use the latest technology and methods. All treatment is carried out in our surgeries, which accounts for our high success rate.

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