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Examination and diagnosis for men

Sperm analysis

The sperm sample is tested for quantity, motility, morphology and survival rate of the sperm cells. Often there are also done microbiological tests to determine the biochemical parameters of the seminal fluid and biological properties of sperm, which may impact male fertility. An important step in the evaluation of male fertility is the creation of detailed spermiograms. When tests have already been carried out by another clinic, we still have to conduct our own analysis to be able to choose the best mode of therapy. The sperm sample is either produced in our surgery or at home. We will inform you about timing and transport issues of the sperm sample.

HALO and TUNEL test

These tests help to evaluate the fertilizing capacity of the sperm cells. Performing a common sperm analysis, only the morphology, motility and quantity of the sperm cells in the ejaculate are tested, whereas the TUNEL or HALO test allow to "look inside" the sperms and examine them for DNA fragmentation.

Genetic exams

If the sperm analysis reveals a very low sperm count, blood tests can be done to search for genetic abnormalities. 

Hormonal blood tests

A reduced production of sperm cells can be caused by endocrinologic disorders and determined by performing hormonal blood tests.