Dr. Michael Scholtes Ph.D.

Specialist for Gynecology and Obstetrics

Specialist for

  • IVF-Treatment
  • Gynaecological diagnostic ultrasound
  • Blastocystentransfer




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Particular interest in reproductive genetics and evolutionary biology

Dr. Michael Scholtes is a Dutch citizen by birth, and completed his medical studies at Leiden University. He completed his Specialist training during his time at the Leyenburg Hospital in The Hague and the St Clara Hospital in Rotterdam. At the beginning of his career as a gynaecologist, Dr. Scholtes took an active interest in gynaecological surgery. However, he was soon asked to join the IVF-team (headed by Prof. Dr. Zeilmaker) at the Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam. During his time at Erasmus University, he completed his Ph.D., a post-doctoral qualification comparable to the German habilitation process. The title of his Ph.D thesis was "Blastocyst Culture and Implantation of the Embryo".

In addition to the specialist areas of endocrinology, reproductive medicine and gynaecological diagnostic ultrasound, Dr. Scholtes also has a particular interest in reproductive genetics and evolutionary biology.

He has been working in private practice in Düsseldorf since 1990. The development of our IVF laboratory benefited from the involvement of one of the pioneers of IVF, Prof. Dr. Zeilmaker, who provided us with years of advice and guidance.