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Singles and lesbians

Artificial insemination and insemination of singles and lesbians

In the Danish law on artificial insemination, doctors are allowed to help singles and lesbians getting pregnant through artificial insemination. This means that these women can receive both insemination and IVF treatment.

You can choose a donor from height, weight, eye and hair color and race. We always have a stock of sperm from donors with the most common/Scandinavian characteristics. If you want a donor from our stock, we will do our best to match your wishes, giving eye color priority number one. If you have special wishes, we would very much like to help you finding the right donor. You have to contact us in good time before the start of the treatment.

Further to that you can also yourself contact the sperm bank Cryos in Århus to find the right donor. It is important to contact the sperm bank in good time to ensure that we have the sperm straws when the treatment is to be carried out.

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